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I can't set my OpenLink variables. What do I do?

If a Unix user cannot set their environment variables with or openlink.csh, please type sh or cshat the command line. This should allow you to run or openlink.csh respectively.

If the problem persists, a manual setting will need to be completed. Users should edit or openlink.csh with a text file editor. Please take care when editing this file as the variables contained within this file might affect the way the OpenLink installation works. Take note of the variables within the file, close it and set the variables on the command line. For example:

ODBCINI=/usr/openlink/bin/odbc.ini ODBCINSTINI=/usr/openlink/bin/odbcinst.ini PATH=/usr/openlink/bin:$PATH SHLIB_PATH=/usr/openlink/lib:$SHLIB_PATH export ODBCINI ODBCINSTINI PATH SHLIB_PATH $ export ODBCINI=/usr/openlink/bin/odbc.ini $ export ODBCINSTINI=/usr/openlink/bin/odbcinst.ini $ export PATH=/usr/openlink/bin:$PATH $ export SHLIB_PATH=/usr/openlink/lib:$SHLIB_PATH