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I can't shutdown my Admin Assistant. What do I do?

The Multi-Tier Administrative Assistant is a service. It is powered by the www_sv agent that appears in the /bin/w3config sub-directory of Multi-Tier server components installations. Unlike the Request Broker, the Administrative Assistant does not require manual shutdown. Instead, the Request Broker kills the agent during its own shutdown routine.

Take the following action, if you cannot terminate your Admin Assistant:

  1. Login to the machine that contains your Multi-Tier server components installation.
  2. Use ps -ef | grep oplrqb or the Windows service utility, to insure the Broker is stopped.
  3. Use oplshut -fy or the Windows service utility to kill the Broker when appropriate.
  4. Use ps -ef | grep www_sv or the Task Manager to see if www_sv persists.
  5. Use kill -9 or the Task Manager to kill remaining www_sv processes.

The proceeding instructions should allow you to kill errant www_sv processes. In the future, run oplshut -fy -- from the command-line-- to force both the Broker and Admin Assistant to shutdown.

If www_sv reappears, you may have an automated script that respawns the process at intervals. These scripts are proprietary scripts that are implemented by OpenLink partners or system administrators. Contact your OpenLink partner vendor or system administrator for assistance.