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I think I have OpenLink Software. How can I tell?

It is possible your machine might contain a copy of the OpenLink Software Universal Data Access drivers or you might require one or more additional components -e.g., clients or agents-to match pre-existing software. To locate whether there is an existing installation on your machine, use the following instructions to search for OpenLink products:

  • Obtain the operating system of the machine or machines that may contain OpenLink software.
  • UNIX users should use find / -name -print to search for the following files: oplrqb,*, openlink.ini.
  • Windows users should use Windows Explorers and search for oplrqb.exe, olod*.dll, or lite32.

Retrieval of one or more of the aforementioned files confirms the presence of OpenLink's Multi-Tier or Single-Tier drivers. Consequently, you must obtain the product's version string and attempt to match any new components to the pre-existing build.

Absence of the above files suggests that a user has no software or an incomplete software installation. You will need to do a fresh installation.