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Do I need OpenLink's Universal Data Access Drivers?

If you are unsure of whether you require our Universal Data Access drivers, please review the questions posed below

  • Do you need to query a database with a 3rd party application?
  • Is your application ODBC- or JDBC- compliant?
  • Does your network environment support the TCP/IP or SPX protocol?

OpenLink's Data Access Drivers provide ODBC and JDBC connectivity between compliant applications and databases. Moreover, OpenLink's drivers use the TCP/IP network protocol to achieve this connection. Consequently, if your response is YES to the aforementioned questions, you need these drivers.

If you are still unsure, please consult your Database Administrators, System Administrators, or other knowledgeable staff.

Users who respond NO to one or more questions must clarify their needs with either a Support Consultant or their Account Manager. We offer other solutions which might be what you require.