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How do I configure Single-Tier drivers, after I've installed them?

Windows and Mac users do not need to perform additional steps to configure their Single-Tier drivers.

Unix users need to insure that their OpenLink and database environment variables are set. The following instructions will assist Unix users with this task:

  1. Users must login to their Unix clients.
  2. Users must cd into the root of their OpenLink installation.
  3. Users may run in a Bash or Bourne shell. Alternatively, users may run openlink.csh in a C shell.
  4. Users must cd into the /bin sub-directory of their OpenLink Single-Tier installations.
  5. Users must edit openlink.ini or open the file with a text editor such as vi.
  6. Users must identify the Environment section that corresponds to their OpenLink Single-Tier driver.
  7. Users must ensure that the relevant variables are set within the Environment section.