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How Do I Assist Users Who Cannot Start The Multi-Tier Request Broker?

Take the following action:

  1. Insure that a valid license appears in the /bin sub-directory of the OpenLink server components installation. The broker will not start without a valid license.
  2. Check directory and file permissions.
  3. Compare the name of the Unix .taz files with the output of uname -a. Determine whether or not the component is compatible with the operating system.
  4. Use a text editor to open the oplrqb.ini file. Locate the [Protocol TCP] Listen parameter, and take note of the port.
  5. Run netstat -a and open /etc/services or C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\services to determine if the Broker's Listen port is in use by another service. This is typical of Windows XP which uses port 5000 by default.
  6. Run netstat -a open /etc/services or C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\services to determine if UDP port #60001 is in use. This will affect 1.x and 3.x installations.
  7. Attempt to start Windows Brokers with the Services utility and the DOS command line.
  8. Determine what service packs, patches, or upgrades have been applied to the operating system. Some upgrades cause the Broker service to fail.