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How Do I Assist Users Who Cannot Set Environment Variables?

Instruct users to perform the following action:

  1. Insure that the and openlink.csh files are executable.
  2. Run . ./ in a Bourne and/or a Bash shell.
  3. Run source openlink.csh in a C shell, if the problem persists.
  4. Set the variables--contained within the shell scripts--manually, if the problem persists.
Users do not want to set variables on the command line. However, this may be a temporary solution to an environment variables problem. Remind users that some systems accept the following syntax:
export ODBCINI=/usr/openlink/bin/odbc.ini
However, some systems prefer this syntax:
set ODBCINI=/usr/openlink/bin/odbc.ini;export ODBCINI
When in doubt, consult the man pages or another Unix reference.