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How Do I Create A Zero Config DSN?

  1. Open your server's Administrative Assistant in a Web Browser.
  2. Expand the Server Components Administration menu.
  3. Expand the Zero Config Administration menu.
  4. Click Zero Config Administration by Wizard or Zero Config Administration by Form.
  5. Edit an existing Zero Config template or add a new one.
  6. Hard-code the value that your users need to connect to the database.
  7. Reinitialize the Request Broker to register your Zero Config DSN.
  8. Supply the name of the Zero Config DSN to your end users.
You need to provide your end users with the name of your Zero Config DSN. End users take the following action to use the DSN:
  1. Create a new DSN using the Windows Data Source Administrator or the Administrative Assistant.
  2. Name the new DSN.
  3. Expand the server drop down menu that appears on the first screen of the DSN setup dialog.
  4. Locate the Zero Config DSN by name.
  5. Allow the Zero Config DSN to auto-fill the fields of the new DSN.
  6. Save the new DSN.
  7. Test.