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How Do I Interpret Request Broker Version Strings?

Request Broker Version Strings produce the following information: Version Information - Is the Broker current? Is the Broker version associated with specific limitations, formal bugzillas, or other known problems? Platform of Compilation - Compare the platform of compilation information with the output of uname -a on the affected server. Is the Broker compatible with that operating system? Finally, version string errors provide useful, diagnostic information. Failure to produce version strings often stems from one of three problems:

  1. The Broker does not exist on the system.
  2. Permissions prohibit the execution of the Broker version string.
  3. The Broker has file dependency issues. Users may need to adjust PATH or other environment variables to pick up needed libraries.
Request Version Strings should be compared to Database Agent Version Strings and Client Version Strings to insure compatibility. Compatibility and stability problems arise, when Multi-Tier component versions differ.