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How Do I Interpret Udbc ini Files?

Here are the operative portions of a udbc.ini file:
;DebugFile= /tmp/udbc.out

ReceiveTimeout = 120
BrokerTimeout  = 30;
RetryTimeout   = 5
SendSize= 4096
ReceiveSize    = 16000
ShowErrors= Y
DataEncryption = N

Description     = Sample Oracle DSN
Host            =
ServerType      = Oracle 8.1.x
FetchBufferSize = 60
Database        = ORCL
ServerOptions   =
ConnectOptions  =
Options         =
UserName        = scott
Password        = tiger
ReadOnly        = yes

Here is a description of important parameters: DebugFile

The DebugFile parameter controls UDBC tracing. Users must remove the semicolon from DebugFile, if they want to instantiate tracing. They must also pass the full path to a file to which DebugFile may write output. Users must place a semicolon in front of DebugFile to stop debug output. Communications The Communications section contains