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How do I troubleshoot a failed ODBC-ODBC Bridge connection?

  1. Insure that the non-OpenLink Data Source Name connects to the target database.
  2. Insure that OpenLink's Single-Tier client components or Multi-Tier server components are installed on the machine that contains the non-OpenLink Data Source Name.
  3. Multi-Tier users insure that oplrqb and odbc_mv appear in the /bin sub-directory of the OpenLink server components installation.
  4. Insure that all Windows-based Data Source Names are System Data Source Names.
  5. Insure that you pass the exact name of the non-OpenLink Data Source to the OpenLink Data Source. Multi-Tier users pass this name in the Database field of their OpenLink Data Sources.
  6. Multi-Tier users insure that "Odbc" appears in the Domain or Server Type field of the Multi-Tier Data Source Name. (Case matters!)
If the problem persists, complete a troubleshooting worksheet. Post the results into an online support case.