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How Do Users Configure The Openlink ini File?

Users do not want to make manual edits to Unix-based openlink.ini files. Instead, users should perform the following actions, before they install OpenLink drivers:

  1. Login to the Unix system.
  2. su to the database client user.
  3. Execute the database client user's .profile.
  4. Run OpenLink's installation procedure.
OpenLink's installation procedure should detect the database client user's environment variables and write them into openlink.ini. If this procedure fails, users's should take the following action:
  1. vi the database client user's .profile.
  2. Record the variables contained in the file.
  3. cd into the /bin sub-directory of the OpenLink installation.
  4. vi openlink.ini.
  5. Locate the [Environment] section that pertains to the OpenLink driver.
  6. Set the appropriate environment variables.