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What Do I Do If My Applications Fail To Connect After I Upgraded My 1x3x Drivers To 4x5x?

OpenLink's 1.x and 3.x Multi-Tier drivers use different JDBC connection mechanisms. The older drivers route the request through a JDBC-specific agent that speaks to a database-specific agent. Here is the sequence of events needed to perform this task:

  1. User creates a JDBC connection URL. For example:
       jdbc:openlink://localhost:5000/SVT=Ingres II/DATABASE=iidbdb/UID=ingres/PWD=ingres/JDBCAGENT=jodbc
  2. The Broker associates all JDBC connection attempts with one of the JDBC Domains that appear in the [Domain] section of the Session Rules Book (oplrqb.ini). For example:
       [Domain Aliases]
       jodbc                           = jodbc
       judbc                           = judbc
       jdbc                            = jdbc
  3. The Broker uses the Domain Alias to resolve the connection using one of the JDBC Mapping Rules from the [Mapping Rules] section of oplrqb.ini. For example:
       [Mapping Rules]
       jodbc:*:*:java:*:*:*         = accept jodbc_client
       judbc:*:*:java:*:*:*         = accept judbc_client
       jdbc:*:*:java:*:*:*          = accept jdbc_client
       *:*:*:java:*:*:*             = accept judbc_client
  4. The Mapping Rules associate the connection attempt with a JDBC agent configuration section. For example:
       Program     = jodbc_sv.exe
       CommandLine =    ;+debug
       ReUse       = never
  5. The agent configuration section controls which JDBC agent is spawned to service the connection. In the above instance, jodbc_sv.exe is spawned.
  6. The JDBC agent spawns the database agent that corresponds to the SVT parameter of the JDBC connection URL. The following sections of the Rules Book shows how SVT=Ingres II causes the JDBC agent to spawn the oig2_sv database agent:
       Domain Aliases]
       Ingres II                    = oig2
       [Mapping Rules]
       oig2:*:*:*:*:*:*             = reject The Ingres II Database Agent is not configured
       Program     = oig2_sv.exe
       Environment = INGRES_II
       OpsysLogin  = Yes
       ReUse       = never
OpenLink's newest drivers omit the need for a distinct JDBC agent. JDBC-specific Domains, Mapping Rules, Agent Configuration Sections, and agents are omitted from the connection resolution. Instead, the Broker resolves the JDBC connection URL using only the SVT parameter. The database agent that is spawned is now able to handle both ODBC and JDBC connections Users may prevent most problems by removing JDBCAGENT= from their JDBC connection URLs. If problems persist, advanced users may resolve most problems by editing the Session Rules Book. New users are encouraged to contact OpenLink Product Support. Some 1.x and 3.x users create hybrid connections that pass an ODBC DSN in a Type 3 JDBC URL. For example:
jdbc:openlink://localhost:5000/DSN=My Ingres Data Source/UID=ingres/PWD=ingres
This connection format is no longer supported.