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What Do I Do If My Drivers Produce Intermittent Protrace Files?

No product should produce a Progress protrace file. Protrace files warrant the creation of a bug report. (Update existing bug reports, as appropriate.) Product Support Staff should attach the protrace file to the report. Moreover, staff must gather the following information from users and post it in the report:

  1. Does the database and operating system contain all current patches?
  2. Are the patches associated with stability problems?
  3. Do Unix kernel tuning parameters match parameters specified by database and o/s documentation?
  4. Does the machine have adequate memory and processor resources?
  5. Was the database agent re-linked against the database?
  6. Is PortHigh set in the [Protocol TCP] section of the Multi-Tier Session Rules Book? This is the oplrqb.ini file that resides in the /bin sub-directory of the server components installation.
  7. What happens when users comparison test the following ReUse values:
    • ifsame process, upto 5
    • ifsame application, upto 5
    • ifsame database, upto 5
Finally, Multi-Tier users should perform the following test:
  • login to the machine that contains the OpenLink server components.
  • Run oplshut -s on the commandline.
  • Compare the output to the Windows Task Manager or Unix ps -ef.
  • Upgrade server components if oplshut shows fewer processes when compared to the Task Manager or ps.