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What Do I Do If My Existing License Key Does Not Work?

Some users cannot use existing licenses to register their software. Take the following action:

  1. Ensure that all ftp transfers are conducted in binary transfer mode. OpenLink's licenses are binary executables.
  2. Obtain Single-Tier client driver versions or Multi-Tier Broker versions. Use ASNPRINT.exe to ensure that the license and product share the same version. (Consultants must open 1.x and 3.x licenses with Notepad. ASNPRINT cannot read these files.)
  3. Remove extraneous, OpenLink licenses from the machine.
  4. Insure that the OpenLink's Windows and Unix licenses are passed by the PATH environment variable. Insure that Unix licenses are passed by the Unix OPL_LICENSE_DIR variable.
  5. Remove references to old, OpenLink licenses from the registry, if the problem persists. (Search using license product code.)
  6. Please reinstall and register the software, if the problem persists. Windows Single-Tier users should remove references to the Single-Tier driver-from their registries-before re-installation. Users may run regedit from a terminal prompt to access their registries.