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OpenLink Data Access Drivers Vs iODBC? offers free installers and instructions for the open-source iODBC Driver Manager and iODBC SDK. The installers are packaged with source code, header files, make files, and other resources of interest to the development community. These products match OpenLink Software's quality and reliability; however, they, and the web site, cater to highly technical individuals who know how to build the iODBC Driver Manager into their own custom solutions.

OpenLink Software provides commercial quality Data Access Drivers, the Virtuoso Universal Server, diagnostic utilities, and related SDKs. In addition, the iODBC Driver Manager is bundled into the OpenLink SDKs and installers for Data Access Drivers and Virtuoso. This software is intended to service businesses and other entities which need a complete, reliable, out-of-the-box solution.

OpenLink provides value added components in the OpenLink iODBC variant of the iODBC SDK. This value takes the form of ready-to-run iODBC ports for all supported platforms, and in the case of Mac OS X this currently includes an AQUA and Frameworks based ODBC Administrator.