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What Do I Do When The Installation Process Produces Errors?

Use the following guidelines to eradicate installation problems:

  1. Obtain the name of the installation file. Obtain the name and version of the operating system. (Use uname -a on Unix.) Compare the two resources to determine if the software and operating system are compatible.
  2. Ask about operating system patches. Patches can interfere with installs on otherwise supported operating systems.
  3. Check file and directory permissions.
  4. Use the Windows explorer or Unix df -k to check disk space.
  5. Insure unnecessary processes are shutdown.
  6. Determine how far the installation has progressed. Some Windows installers hang during registry update. However, the actual installation is complete and functional.
  7. Search OPIE for a description of the actual error.
  8. Attempt to recreate the problem in-house.
Consultants should report persistent installation problems to the Tech Support Manager. These problems may indicate critical install bugs.