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What Component Naming Conventions is Used?

OpenLink's client drivers are library files. Consequently, Windows Multi-Tier drivers begin with olod (OpenLink ODBC Driver) and end with a .dll extension. Unix Multi-Tier drivers are named oplodbc (OpenLink ODBC) and end with a .la, .sl, or .so extension. OpenLink's Single-Tier drivers have a variety of names that are too numerous to list. Windows drivers continue to end with .dll, and Unix drivers continue to end with .la, .sl, and .so. However, the similarities end there. The actual Windows Single-Tier driver name begin with `ntl' (WinNT Lite) and end with a series of numbers and letters that denote the driver version and intended database. The actual Unix Single-Tier driver name begins with some combination of letters that represents the intended database, and it ends with _mt_lt (Multi-Threaded Lite) , _mt_lu (Multi-Threaded Lite Unicode), _st_lt (Single-Threaded Lite), _st_lu(Single-Threaded Lite Unicode). OpenLink's Unix-based iODBC Driver Manager is named libiodbc and ends with a .la, .sl, or .so extension. OpenLink's Multi-Tier Request Broker is named oplrqb. OpenLink's Multi-Tier Database Agents begin with a three or four character name that designate the intended database, and they end with a .sv (Single-Threaded version) or .mv (Multi-Threaded version) extension.