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What Do I Pass In A Multi-Tier JDBC Connection URL?

Multi-Tier JDBC connection URLs take the following form:

jdbc:openlink://<Hostname>:[portnumber] [/UID] [/PWD] [/READONLY] [/SVT]
Here is a description of each of the parameters:
  • Hostname - Network Alias or IP address of machine that runs an OpenLink Request Broker instance.
  • Port Number - TCP port on which the Request Broker listens.
  • /UID - Database username.
  • /PWD - Database password.
  • /READONLY - Read-write or read-only session mode.
  • /SVT - A valid domain alias from the [Domain Aliases] section of the OpenLink server component's oplrqb.ini file. Default domain aliases represent the type of database agent to which the application intends to connect, e.g., DB2, Informix 2000, Oracle 8.1.x. Custom aliases may take any form.
  • /APPLICATION - The Application name. Enables connectivity when restrictive server side rules screen by application name.
  • /FBS - (also FETCHBUFFERSIZE) The Fetch Buffer Size. The Fetch Buffer Size is an integer that represents the number of rows to return during one fetch operation..
  • /ENCRYPTED - Sets the Encrypted flag for outgoing packets. /ENCRYPTED may pass '1', '0', 'Y', 'N', 'y', or 'n.' (This feature is disabled by default.)
  • /CHARSET - Specifies the charset of remote databases. The default value is read from System.getProperty("file.encoding").
  • /UNICODE - Instantiates unicode. The unicode connection isn't used by default. The value may be '1', '0', 'Y', 'N', 'y', 'n'(This feature is disabled by default.)
  • /DLF - Pushes large, binary objects to the end of the result-set. Smaller data types are retrieved first. This enhances performance. /DLF may be set to '1', '0', 'Y', 'N', 'y', or 'n.' (This feature is disabled by default.)
  • /DATABASE - Actual database name within a particular database environment.
  • /OPTIONS - Optional parameter that passes specialized database native client connection parameters. Used by users who connect to Progress databases in sockets mode. Also used by users who have 3-Tier or application server architectures.
  • /DRIVER - The Driver name contained in curly brackets ({}). Used for DSN-Less connections to remote ODBC Drivers.
Here are some sample JDBC connection URLs:
jdbc:openlink://localhost:5000/SVT=Ingres II/DATABASE=iidbdb/UID=ingres/PWD=ingres

jdbc:openlink:// 8.1.x/DATABASE=ORCL/UID=scott/PWD=tiger

jdbc:openlink://saturn:5000/SVT=Progress 91D/DATABASE=isports/OPTIONS=-S isports -N tcp -H saturn

jdbc:openlink://localhost:5000/SVT=SQLServer 2000/DATABASE=Northwind/UID=sa/OPTIONS= -S SATURN