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What Do Users Need To Do To Configure Their Single-Tier Drivers?

  1. Unix users need to insure that (Bourne/Bash) or openlink.csh (C) is executed in the appropriate shell. These shell scripts set environment variables that pertain to ODBC.
  2. Unix users need to run set or env to insure that the environment variables (ODBCINI, ODBCINSTINI, etc.) are actually set.
  3. Unix users need to insure that the appropriate [Environment] section of the ~/openlink/bin/openlink.ini file contains the correct environment variables. For example:
       [Environment Informix 7.3]
       INFORMIXDIR   = /dbs2/informix/online731
       INFORMIXSERVER   = openlinux
       DELIMIDENT   = Y
       ;FORCE_DORMANT    = 1
       ;FET_BUF_SIZE= 65535
  4. Windows users need to insure that their System and User PATH variables contain the OpenLink driver .dlls and database native client .dlls. (Database native client .dll's are not required for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, or Sybase.)
  5. Windows users may need to set other System and User PATH variables depending on the database. For example, Progress users need to set PROGRESSINI and PROMSGS.