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What Environment Variables Need To Be Set On Windows Systems?

Most ODBC users do not need to set environment variables on Windows systems. JDBC users must insure that CLASSPATH is set as a System and/or User variable. CLASSPATH passes the full path to OpenLink's JDBC .jar files. This applies to both Multi-Tier and Single-Tier installations. OpenLink's Multi-Tier oplrqb.ini is a server side file that appears in the bin sub-directory of the server components installation. It contains a series of [Environment] sections. These sections pass variables that OpenLink components need to connect to specific databases. For example:

[Environment DB2]
DB2DIR             = /dbs/DB2
DB2INSTANCE        = DB2

[Environment INFORMIX2000]
INFORMIXSERVER     = oplussol3
INFORMIXDIR= /dbs/informix/ids2000

[Environment INGRES_II]
II_SYSTEM          = /dbs
ING_SET            = set lockmode session where readlock=nolock

[Environment MYSQL]

[Environment ORACLE90]
ORACLE_HOME= /dbs5/oracle8i/64-bit/8.1.6/
ORACLE_SID= ora816np

[Environment POSTGRES]
PGHOST             = localhost
PGPORT             = 5432

[Environment PROGRESS91D]
DLC                = /dbs3/progress/32bit/v91d
PROCFG             = /dbs3/progress/32bit/v91d/progress.cfg

[Environment PROGRESS91SQL]
DLC                = /dbs3/progress/32bit/v91d
PROCFG             = /dbs3/progress/32bit/v91d/progress.cfg

[Environment SYBASE]
FREETDSCONF        = /dbs/openlink/32bit/v51/mt/bin/freetds.conf
DSQUERY            = SYBASE
TDSHOST            = host.domain
TDSPORT            = 4100
TDSVER             = 5.0

[Environment SQLSERVER]
FREETDSCONF        = /dbs/openlink/32bit/v51/mt/bin/freetds.conf
TDSHOST            =
TDSPORT            = 1433
TDSVER             = 8.0