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What is the odbc.ini file?

The odbc.ini file is a standard, ODBC client configuration file. It is not specific to OpenLink drivers. In fact, many systems may have a pre-existing odbc.ini file in /etc or another directory. Nevertheless, OpenLink components ship with their own odbc.ini file. It appears in the /bin sub-directory of Unix installations. odbc.ini contains a list of all the Data Sources that appear within. For example:
[ODBC Data Sources]
ora81_lite         = OpenLink Oracle 8.1 Lite Driver
ora81_lite_unicode = OpenLink Oracle 8.1 Lite Driver (Unicode)
ora90_lite         = OpenLink Oracle 9.x Lite Driver
ora90_lite_unicode = OpenLink Oracle 9.x Lite Driver (Unicode)
OpenLink           = OpenLink Generic ODBC Driver
OpenLink_unicode   = OpenLink Generic ODBC Driver (Unicode)
ingii_lite         = OpenLink Ingres II Lite Driver
odbc.ini contains each, individual Data Source Name:
Driver          = /home/openlink/32bit/v51/lt/lib/
ServerType      = Oracle 8.1.x
Username        = scott
Password        = tiger
;Database        = ora8i_64
;Database        = ora816
Options         = ora8i_64
FetchBufferSize = 99
ReadOnly        = no
DeferLongFetch  = no
JetFix          = no
Description     = Sample Oracle 8.1.x Lite Connection
odbc.ini may also contain parameters that cause the driver manager to trace ODBC API calls made by local client applications:
And, odbc.ini may contain Multi-Tier client communication parameters:
BrokerTimeout  = 30
ReceiveTimeout = 120
RetryTimeout   = 5
ReceiveSize    = 16000
SendSize       = 4096
ShowErrors     = N
DataEncryption = N