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What Ports Do Users Need To Open On Their Firewalls To Use OpenLink Software?

Single-Tier users should not need to open ports to accommodate the Single-Tier driver. However, ports may need to be opened to facilitate connections between the database native client and the database to which it connects. Multi-Tier users need to take the following action, if a firewall surrounds the machine that contains the Multi-Tier server components:

  1. Login to the machine that contains the Multi-Tier server components.
  2. Use a text editor to open the oplrqb.ini file that resides in the /bin sub-directory of the OpenLink installation.
  3. Locate the [Protocol TCP] section. For example:
       [Protocol TCP]
       PingWatchdog = No   ; Send check-alive packets
       PingInterval = 600   ;   every <PingInterval> seconds
       ;IPAddress      =       ; Overrules found interface address
       PortLow      = 5000
       PortHigh     = 5020
  4. Make sure PortHigh is uncommented and set. PortHigh should equal PortLow + the number of concurrent connections granted by the license + a few extra ports.
  5. Record the PortLow-PortHigh range.
  6. Record the Listen port value. (OpenLink 1.x and 3.x do not have Listen.)
  7. Close oplrqb.ini.
  8. Open the Listen and PortLow-PortHigh TCP ports on the firewall.
  9. Open UDP port #60001--in addition to TCP PortLow-PortHigh--to accommodate 1.x and 3.x drivers.
Contact OpenLink Product Support, if a firewall surrounds your client.