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What values do I pass for my OpenLink environment variables?

OpenLink's ODBC drivers recognize the following ODBC-specific environment variables:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH  = Appends ~/openlink/lib to existing value.
LIBPATH          = Appends ~/openlink/lib to existing value. (AIX only).
SHLIB_PATH       = Appends ~/openlink/lib to existing value. (HP/UX only).
PATH             = Add ~/openlink/bin to the existing PATH

ODBCINI          = Full path to ~/openlink/bin/odbc.ini.
ODBCINSTINI      = Full path to ~/openlink/bin/odbcinst.ini.
OPENLINKINI      = Full path to ~/openlink/bin/openlink.ini. Single-Tier use only.
OPL_LOCALEDIR    = Full path to ~/openlink/locale.
UDBCINI          = Full path to ~/openlink/bin/udbc.ini. UDBC use only.
CLASSPATH        = Full path to JDBC .jar file. JDBC use only.

Users should not set ODBC variables manually. OpenLink's drivers ship with and openlink.csh files. These files appear in the root of the OpenLink installation. should be sourced if using Bourne or Bash shells. openlink.csh should be sourced in C shell. Choose one or other of these commands to set your variables depending on shell:

. ./

source openlink.csh