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Infrastructure & Administration

With OpenLink's Distributed License Manager, License files can be shared and monitored across numerous machine installations without increased license admin and tracking costs.

In situations where DBMS vendor networking is already in place, Single-Tier Drivers provide ease of installation and configuration since you are only required to install a single client component that inherently depends on existing DBMS specific networking for remote data access.

Zero Config based Auto-Discovery of database instances across local area networks simplifies configuration and administration of database connections

Single Sign-On (including Windows NTLMv2 authentication support) reduces data costs for administrators, developers, and end-users


Our enterprise-ready Multi-Tier drivers have been deployed in environments with hundreds of concurrent connections, having provision for controlling server-side resource-allocation.


Secure data transmission between applications, services, and data-sources applies both to authentication of logon credentials and actual data transmission between client and server, using industry-standard SSL.

Our Multi-Tier drivers include a sophisticated rulebook that enables construction and enforcement of DB session rules based on client and request attributes (user name; client application, operating system, and IP address; target database/schema; among others) which then govern all database sessions. Such rules may over-ride client-set connection attributes, including enforcement of read-only access, result set size limits, and more.