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Platform Support Support for client, server, and application server operating systems

Our 32- and 64-bit components facilitate the development and use of 32- or 64-Bit DBMS-independent applications.

Our broad Operating System support enables the development of ODBC compliant applications and the utilization of ODBC Drivers on non Windows platforms such as; Linux (x86, PPC, Itanium, Opteron), Mac OS X, Mac OS Classic, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, HP True64 UNIX, IRIX, Altix, SCO UnixWare, and others.

Our broad backend Database Support enables DBMS independent application utilization and deployment across a vast array of industry leading DBMS engines that includes; Oracle (7.x - 10.x), SQL Server (6.x - 2005), DB2 (6.x - 8.x), Sybase (10.x - 12.x), Progress (7.x - 10.x), Ingres (6.4 - II family), Informix (5.x - 9.x).

ODBC 3.5 compatibility enables broad compatibility between an extensive collection of older and newer ODBC Applications across an array of platforms.

Unicode support enables development and deployment of I18n applications.