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OpenLink ODBC drivers for IBM DB/2

Architecture Diagram

ODBC Driver Architecture Diagram

Driver Architecture

These drivers are available in a choice of three formats to suit your network infrastructure.

  • Single-Tier (Express) Additional Information

    A single-tier driver: easy installation on Mac OS X Universal and Microsoft Windows platforms.

  • Single-Tier (Lite) Additional Information

    A single-tier driver: simple and quick to deploy; installs on the client computer only; uses a database-specific communications layer

  • Multi-Tier (Enterprise Edition) Additional Information

    A multi-tier driver with configurable performance, scalability and security for Enterprise users; typically components are installed on both the client and database-server hosts.


Feature Single-Tier
(Enterprise Edition)
More Information and Download More Information and Download More Information and Download
Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X Availability Y Y Y
Linux, Solaris and other Unix OS Availability N Y Y
Single component client-only installation Y Y N
Multiple components installed on clients and server computers N N Y
Requires database-specific comms layer on client N Y N
SQL-92 Conformance Y Y Y
ODBC Core, Level 1 and Level 2 Compliance Y Y Y
Unicode Support Y Y Y
Support for Built-in Client-side Tracing Y Y Y
Configurable performance N Y Y
Configurable for Scalability N N Y
Configurable Security N N Y
Ability to restrict connections based on application, IP address, username, requested database N N Y
Ability to override connection parameters on the server N N Y
Operating-system user authentication N N Y
Multi-Threading Support N Y Y
SQLCancel Support N Y Y
XA-Based Two-Phase Commit N N Y


These drivers connect ODBC compliant desktop applications such as Microsoft Access and Excel/Query, OpenOffice, reporting tools such as Crystal Reports/Business Objects, and other applications or services, to your SQL RDBMS databases.

Additionally, our ODBC driver facilitates database connectivity for developers programming in scripting languages such as Perl (using DBI and DBD::ODBC), Python (using mxODBC or PyODBC), Ruby, SoftIntegration's Ch language, C or the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 environment.




For a guided download, use our Solution Wizard.

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