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Multi-tier ODBC driver for Ingres (Enterprise Edition)

Architecture Diagram

Ingres Multi-Tier Architecture Diagram


Our Multi-Tier ODBC Driver for Ingres comprises two parts. On the server you install a request broker which handles incoming connections, and a database agent which makes the connection to the database itself.

On data-consuming machines (clients or application-servers), you install a generic client. This approach presents an extra layer of abstraction, such that by installing one component on each client, you can connect to several servers, or several different databases via the same broker.

Multi-Tier is ideally suited to larger installations where the network administrator wishes to handle security rules and performance configurations centrally.

Our Multi-Tier Drivers for CA-Ingres are a Type-A class driver developed using the OpenAPI call level interface.




Multi-tier Client Components

Pre-installation Mac OS X Windows Unix
Installation Mac OS X Windows Unix

Multi-tier Server Components

Pre-installation Windows Unix
Installation Windows Unix