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Single-Tier ODBC to ODBC Bridge (Lite Edition)

Architecture Diagram

ODBC Bridge Single-Tier Architecture Diagram


This bridge driver addresses situations where an existing ODBC Driver may not provide expected functional compatibility with a specific ODBC client application or service.

Our ODBC-ODBC bridge drivers are a single client component, installed like any other OpenLink ODBC Driver. Once installed, you simply interact with the driver's ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) setup interface en route to binding with an existing 3rd party ODBC Driver.

Enhanced ODBC compliant application compatibility, applied to both existing and legacy ODBC drivers, is the key benefit provided by this bridge driver.

A multi-tier edition of this bridge exist that extends ODBC to ODBC bridging to ODBC data source names created on remote machines.

This driver is currently available for Windows Operating systems, with support for other platforms planned.


Single-tier Client Components

Pre-installation Windows
Installation Windows