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OpenLink Software Announces Virtuoso 3.2 Beta

OpenLink adds Weblog client and server functionality to Virtual Database Engine for SQL, XML, and Web Services

Burlington, MA. June 25, 2003 - OpenLink Software, Inc., a leading provider of universal data access and enterprise information integration middleware, announces Virtuoso 3.2 — the latest edition of its cross platform Virtual Database for SQL, XML, and Web Services — for Mac® OS X.

The new release incorporates full client and server support for the Blogger, Moveable Type, and MetaWeblog APIs, providing users with choice over location, format, data storage, development environment, and host operating system, for personal, community, and corporate Weblogs. The new release also facilitates the transparent integration of Weblog data with other enterprise data sources.

Of course, Virtuoso continues to provide access to heterogeneous data sources — databases, XML documents, and Web Services — through industry standard data access interfaces such as XML, XQuery, XPath, SQL, ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, and ADO.NET. It also integrates transparently with runtime environments for distributed computing such as Microsoft .NET, Mono, and J2EE, enabling the creation and hosting of WSDL-compliant XML Web Services, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and User Defined Types, written in Java or any .NET bound language. Furthermore, the new release extends its Virtual Web Application Server functionality to include support for Python and Perl, in addition to existing support for .NET, ASP, PHP, and Java Server Pages.

"Virtuoso’s new features reflect the Internet community's increasing awareness of the inherent links between data, information, and knowledge," said Kingsley Idehen, President & CEO of OpenLink Software. "Weblogs are catalysts for a new way of interacting with the distributed loosely-structured database we know as the World Wide Web. As leaders and innovators in the data access and data integration technology segments, we have taken it upon ourselves to unveil a powerful yet cost-effective solution, that adds knowledge persisted in Weblogs to an ever increasing array of internal and external data sources that are exposed via a single virtual database, which then makes this data available to any XML, SQL, or Web Services standards compliant applications or development environments."

Virtuoso 3.2 for Mac OS X is now available for download from OpenLink's web site at

Builds for other platforms will be available soon. You can also interact with live feature demonstrations via an online Virtuoso instance at

About OpenLink Software

OpenLink Software is a privately held software company with offices in the U.S.A., United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Bulgaria. It has been the leading provider and technology innovator in the universal data access middleware market since 1993, and over 10,000 companies currently use its products worldwide.

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