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OpenLink Software Releases High-Performance 64-Bit Edition of ODBC Drivers

New Cross Platform 64-Bit ODBC Drivers for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Ingres, Progress, Informix, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

Burlington, MA. November 04, 2003 - OpenLink Software, Inc., technology leader in the development and deployment of secure, high-performance database connectivity middleware announces the availability of the 64-bit edition of Release 5.1 of its high-performance Single-Tier and Multi-Tier ODBC Drivers for Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, Tru64 UNIX, and others. The new product release brings these previously-released 64 Bit ODBC Drivers to functional parity with OpenLink's recently announced release 5.1 Drivers Suite.

The new release adds full Unicode and Rendezvous support to the Multi-Tier edition of the ODBC Drivers , while expanding backend database support to include legacy and latest releases of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB/2, Informix, Sybase Adaptive Server, Progress, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other ODBC or JDBC accessible databases (via new ODBC-ODBC and ODBC-JDBC Bridge Drivers). Rendezvous technology enables client hosts to browse their local network for administratively pre-configured server-side data sources, enabling administrators to centralize security and configuration rules over ODBC sessions, thereby permitting users to make connections with minimal knowledge or effort by removing the need for client-side data source configuration.

The 64-Bit drivers are built to deliver high-performance and uniform functionality across all supported platforms and databases.

"Operating systems are approaching a critical inflection point that will kick-start the build up of 64-bit data-centric applications, which are best served by 64-bit data access drivers" said Kingsley Idehen, President & CEO of OpenLink Software. "As established data access technology leaders, we have always provided 64-bit ODBC drivers for 64-bit operating systems. Our updated 64-Bit ODBC Drivers simply reaffirm our leadership position, while providing product development, implementation, and rollout clarity to our current and future customers," he added.

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OpenLink Software is a privately held software company with offices in the U.S.A., United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Bulgaria. It has been the leading provider and technology innovator in the universal data access middleware market since 1993, and over 10,000 companies currently use its products worldwide.

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